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My name is Sakina and I am the soul behind Amazighness; a place to discuss all things Amazigh. Indigenous northern Africans (wrongly referred to as berbers) are usually assimilated with their national state although their heritage is pluri-millennial. One of the most known and recognizable part of this heritage are the tattoos worn mainly by womxn.


As the child of an Amazigh from the Rif and the grand-child of an Amazigh from Kabilia I'm committed to discover the plurality of my identities and their (conscious and unconscious) impact on my life. It is also one aspect of my heritage that I would like to spread knowledge about. Indeed, the history of Imazighen (plural of Amazigh) has been tortured, sometimes erased, and used to serve nation-state's narratives. It is still hard to capture all the nuances of this heritage. Tattoos, scents and colors are for me one way of opening a conversation with a friend, a mother, an aunt, an artist etc.


Bonding through ink opens hearts, minds and mouths especially of the last generation of wom.x.n still carrying these tattoos. Perhaps, by collecting memories and sharing our stories we can build a collective knowledge by/for Imazighen people that would travel time and generations. Yes, it's more than a tattoo and it has always been :)  

All creations are handmade by me and take their power from the symbolic tattoos. Each design has been carefully crafted by myself for its symbolic power and to spark meaningful conversations around heritage, gender, choices and legacy building. The tattoos' names are inspired by my family members and other inspirational figures. All drawings have been made exclusively for Amazighness by the talented artist Lamia. Reproductions are strictly forbidden. 

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Much love,


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