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A note to non-Imazighen people

Updated: Oct 15, 2022


Before you enjoy your Amazighness creations, please read carefully these few lines...

As a child of an indigenous Moroccan from the Rif, and grand-child of a Kabylian; I'm particularly cautious about cultural appropriation and, to me, hand-crafting products inspired by my heritage is a way to honor my ancestors.

By making them accessible to non-Imazighen people I'm happy to spread the beauty and history of Imazighen traditions. However, it is important to keep in mind that the symbols originally carry meaningful and sacred powers. Therefore, they are not a prop to exhibit nor a "folkloric" item. Kindly treat this heritage with respect and educate yourself about the plurality of indigenous africans named Imazighen people. 

I also hope that the imazighen symbols (often used as tattoos) will spark conversations with your friends, family members and anyone about history, minorities, gender and much more.

Much love,


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