ⵙ is the sound "s" in tifinagh, the "common" modern alphabet of imazighen people. Tifinagh is used to encourage political recognition of imazighen people as natives of northern african lands (Morocco, Mali, ALgeria, etc.) as well as to help imazighen people reconnect with their history. 


Dimensions: 2 cm length, 2 width.

Lasts 4 days on average depending on your habits and daily routine. Sensitive to water and frictions.


Designs by Art Modeste, reproduction strictly forbidden.

Pictures by Amal El Gharbi, reproduction strictly forbidden.


€4.00 Regular Price
€2.00Sale Price
  • Only unopened and unused tattoos can be returned. You have 30 days to return the tattoo(s) and all expenses are carried by the buyers. 

  • Delivery fees depends on the destination, dimension (A5) and the total weight of your order. Standard delivery fees are made based on the weight for one set of tattoos:

    • 2 euros for Belgium
    • 4 euros for the rest of the world

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