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🕯The warm and woody power of the oud is soothed by the sweetness of the rose. 


ⵣTime, fertility, growth, seasons... Full or not, the moon carries strong believes. We'd like to think that one of its most inspiring power is the faculty to decide of the beginning of a new era. Choices, changes and chapters in life are often assessed and adjustment are made. The moon follows us throughout our journey. 


🌺  All fragrances are natural and made in Grasse (France)

♡  Hand-poured with love by myself! 

🌱  Our soy wax is organic, vegan and kosher

⚖️  380 grams - please note that the candles are hand-poured thus quantity may slightly vary.


⛔​ Design by Art Modeste, reproduction strictly forbidden.

©️​ Pictures are copyrighted, do not use. scented candle

  • 🔥 Safety first! Keep away from flammable content, place the candle on a flat, stable and heat-resistant surface only and never leave your candle unattended.

    ✂️ Trim your wick to prolong the life of your Amazighness candle.

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