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Our tamazgha candle available in wax melts for your wax burner. Sold by pack of 5 pieces. 


🕯The bold fragrance of figs bring a round and powerful balance in the room. 


ⵣ The cross is believed to be a symbolic form that pierces the evil eye and bad energies. It was used as a preventive tattoo protecting from misfortune coming from all sides. Tamazgha is the name of reunified imazighen people, therefore it is an ode to solidarity and collective protection. 


🌺  All fragrances are natural and made in Grasse (France)

♡  Hand-poured with love by myself! 

🌱  Our soy wax is organic, vegan and kosher

⚖️  50 grams each - please note that the melting tabs are hand-poured thus quantity may slightly vary.


Design by Art Modeste, reproduction strictly forbidden.

Pictures are copyrighted, do not use. 

Tama.zgha melting wax

  • 🔥 Safety first! Keep away from flammable content, place the wax melts on top of a wax burner only. Use two wax melts at a time. 

  • 💌​ Only unopened and unused wax melts can be returned. You have 30 days to return the products and all expenses are carried by the buyers. The refund will take place within 14 days upon return.

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